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We are proud to partner with Kneaders and Huntsman Cancer Institute and other local companies in a fundraising event to help fund research for childhood cancer. We have created a custom Elephant Printed Knot, that will be sold on our website as well as Kneaders locations and All proceeds from this bow will go to Dr. Schiffman’s research for kids fighting cancer throughout the world. Visit Kneaders. com/hope to learn more.

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Why Elephants? Did you know that elephants rarely get cancer? They have 40 cancer fighting protein strands in their DNA that help fight cancerous cells. Did you know that humans only have two cancer fighting protein strands? It’s #childhoodcancerawareness month and @kneaders has launched their #HopeFightsChildhoodCancer campaign. Kneaders is supporting the research of renowned oncologist, hematologist and cancer researcher, Dr. Josh Schiffman who is exploring how elephants might hold the key to ending cancer for children and adults of all ages.