THE THREE AMIGAS li+mvd+bu/tp

$ 36.00

There is no better headband trio than a Classic Knot, Twist and Sailor Knot! The best gift for any babe just developing her style!

Each headband is one size fits most and the size cannot be adjusted. The Knot headband is sewn at a 6" diameter (12" circumference) and the Sailor Knot and Twist headbands are sewn at 6.5" diameter (13" circumference), keep in mind that measurement is before it stretches. We feel this is the perfect size for our soft nylon to fit a newborn and stretch comfortably as she grows through childhood. The exposed stitching detail and a raw edge is signature Baby Bling! The Knot headband is sewn in two pieces and can be taken apart for hand washing or to mix-and-match. The headbands made in solid colors are 100% nylon and the styles made with a woven patterned material are a nylon/polyester/spandex blend, produced to our specifications, in the USA. Each headband is hand sewn and tied by women in our local community. Due to the nature of small-batch production color and sizing can vary slightly.

See the Classic Knot in action

Our number one seller on the website, and in top retail stores! The Classic Knot appeals to everyone because of its simplicity. It is easy to dress up, or keep casual. It can survive the bottom of a diaper bag like not many other pretty things can. The Knot is made from a nylon material to assure it is soft and stretchy for your rapidly growing babe. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can never have too many!

The bow is 4 inches in length, and the band having a 6 inch diameter


Grows with your baby

Made from the softest nylon

The perfect accessory to her outfit

Safe to wash when dirtied or stretched

Comfortable to wear all day

A great gift for a new mom


The bow is 4 inches in length, and the band having a 6.5 inch diameter. This headband is suggested to be one size fits most.

The Fit

We've rated this headband with a 3 dot stretch. Meaning this might be the stretchiest headband on the market!


Untie the knot from the band. Hand wash the two pieces with warm water, and a mild soap. Lay pieces flat to dry, and re-tie.

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