The Complete Guide to Making Baby Bows Yourself


A delightful and rewarding craft, making adorable bows for your little one can be a great way to spend time together. Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of charm to your baby's everyday outfits, creating baby bows is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your creative talent. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process, ensuring you are able to create beautiful bows that perfectly complement your baby's dress.


1. Ribbon:

The ribbon you choose should be soft and lightweight to ensure your baby is comfortable. Satin, grosgrain, and velvet ribbon are popular choices.

2. Scissors:

A good pair of sharp scissors is necessary for making clean cuts and cutting items precisely.

3. Measuring tape or ruler:

To ensure uniformity in the size of your bows.

4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks: 

These items are designed to ensure that attachments remain secure and long-lasting for as long as possible.

5. Alligator clips or barrettes: 

The bows will be attached to your baby's hair or clothing with these hooks and eyes.

6. Lighter:

Used for sealing the ribbon's edges and preventing fraying.

Light Blue Hair Bows

Light Blue Hair Bows

Steps for Creating Adorable Baby Bows:

1. Choose Your Ribbon:

Make your choice of ribbon according to the colors, patterns, and textures that compliment your baby's outfit or the occasion.

2. Measure and Cut:

Determine the desired length of the bow tails using a measuring tape or ruler. Cut the ribbon accurately according to your measurements.

3. Create the Bow Loops:

Use the ribbon to make two loops, securing the ends with hot glue at the center. Make sure that the loops are symmetrical and well-proportioned.

4. Secure the Bow Center:

A small piece of ribbon should be wrapped around the center of the bow, covering the glued section. This will produce an elegant and polished appearance.

5. Attach the Tails:

The bow should be adhered to the back with hot glue, and the tails should be attached centered on the bow. Trim any excess ribbon to finish your bow neatly and tidily.

6. Seal the Edges:

Use a lighter to seal the cut edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying. Take care not to scorch the ribbon while using the lighter.

7. Attach the Clip or Barrette:

The back of the bow should be coated with hot glue, and an alligator clip or barrette should be attached securely. Hold the clip or barrette until the glue has fully cured to ensure a strong and durable connection.

8. Experiment with Variations:

Take your creativity to the next level by experimenting with different bow sizes ribbon widths, and layering multiple bows to create a truly unique and personalized look.

9. Adorn Your Baby's Hair or Outfit:

Your finished bows can be attached to your child's hair with clips or barrettes. You can also use them to embellish clothing, shoes, or other accessories that are a perfect complement to the bows.

10. Gift or Share Your Creations:

By gifting your adorable bows to friends and family with children, you will be spreading the joy of handmade accessories to them. Share your talents and make other people smile with your thoughtful and charming creations.


Crafting baby bows is an easy and delightful DIY project at Baby Bling Bows that adds a touch of charm to your child's wardrobe. A few materials and a little creativity can be used to create a collection of adorable bows that can be worn with any outfit. The process of making these tiny accessories is fun, and you will cherish seeing the smiles on your baby's face when he wears them.