Your one stop shop for ALL baby hair accessories!

Your one stop shop for ALL baby hair accessories!

Handmade in the USA for over 18 years!

Handmade in the USA for over 18 years!

Choosing the Perfect Bow for Your Baby Girl

Dressing up our little ones is a joyful experience for every parent. A bow may bring the ideal amount of sweetness

and flair to the accessories you choose for your newborn girl. Bows come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and materials, so picking the ideal one for your newborn girl is crucial. Here is a guide to assist you in choosing the ideal bow for your priceless child.

1. Consider the Material

When selecting a bow for your newborn girl, the material should be your priority. Bows can be made of satin, grosgrain, velvet, and cotton, among other materials. Satin bows offer a shiny and smooth finish, while grosgrain bows have a ribbed texture. Velvet bows are soft and luxurious, while cotton bows are comfortable and ideal for everyday wear.

2. Choose the Right Size

Bows exist in a range of sizes, from tiny to enormous. The bow's size should match your child's attire and the size of her head. Larger bows create a big statement, while smaller bows are great for a soft and delicate appearance. It's crucial to strike the perfect balance and pick a size that corresponds to the age of your kid and the look you want.

3. Select Appropriate Colors

Colors play a significant role in making the bow stand out and match the outfit. Select a bow that contrasts nicely with or enhances the color of your baby's clothes. Bright and lively colors provide an element of playfulness, while soft pastel hues are ideal for a gentle and elegant appearance. Having a variety of colors ensures you can match the bow with different outfits.

4. Explore Different Bow Styles

Bows come in various styles, including classic bows, boutique bows, butterfly bows, and more. Classic bows have a timeless design and are perfect for a traditional look. Boutique bows are fuller and have intricate designs, making them ideal for special occasions. Butterfly bows resemble fluttering butterflies and add a whimsical charm.

Bow Hair Clips for Baby

Bow Hair Clips for Baby

5. Consider the Attachment

Bows can be attached to different accessories like headbands, clips, or barrettes. Headbands are comfortable and keep the bow securely in place, making them suitable for babies with little hair. Clips and barrettes are great for securing bows to fine or thicker hair.

6. Check for Safety

When making decisions, the main focus should be safety. a bow for your baby girl. Ensure that the bow is securely attached to the chosen accessory to prevent choking hazards. Avoid bows with small parts or loose embellishments that can be pulled off and swallowed. Always supervise your baby while she's wearing a bow, especially if she's very young.

7. Evaluate Bow Construction

When choosing a bow, please pay attention to its construction. A well-constructed bow with neatly stitched edges and secure attachments will not only look better but will also last longer. A quality bow will maintain its shape and appearance, even after multiple uses and washes.

Bow Hair Clips for Baby

Bow Hair Clips for Baby

8. Consider the Occasion

Different occasions call for different bow styles. For casual everyday wear, opt for simpler and smaller bows that provide a cute and dainty look. On the other hand, for special events like birthdays or parties, go for more elaborate and decorative bows that complement the celebratory atmosphere.

9. Think About Hair Type

Consider your baby girl's hair type when choosing a bow. If she has fine or thin hair, lightweight bows with smaller clips or bands work well. For thicker hair, larger bows with sturdier clips or bands will keep the bow securely in place.

10. Factor in the Baby's Age

The age of your baby matters when selecting a bow. Newborns and infants may be more comfortable with softer, fabric-based bows that won't irritate their sensitive skin. You may experiment with various bow shapes and sizes as your child develops to fit her changing personality and features.


Choosing the best bow for your baby girl is essential. Baby Bling Bows has many options to consider: the type of material, size, color, style, and more. The right bow can make your baby's outfit look even cuter and match her personality. Take your time and enjoy trying different bows to find the perfect one for your little one from Baby Bling Bows!

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